July 20

Reflections Of A Sober Chicken Thief published by Nothing Changes Press

July 20

” I’m done with this game.” – me 

” Game? That’s Bullshit. When I ask you it’s a game…but when you ask me? Who the hell are you? I need…ok, don’t make me feel like shit because you are an asshole…I” did for “you…a lot more than you did for me…Mr. Soberiety…we are dead in each other’s eyes.” -a former friend

“Some folks are too smart to get sober.”- 12 Step truism 

Thought For The Day:  I’ve met some of those folks that ‘think’ they’re too smart for recovery. 

I’m not one of those people. 

Hell, it took me thirty years to tell this guy “No.”

Reflection Of The Day: The first three letters of sobriety and “Soberiety” are S-O-B. 

Meditation Of The Day: If two people decide they are “dead in each others eyes,” which one is Bruce Willis? Which one the kid?


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